How far we’ve come

Finest Funerals benefits from the unrivalled reputation of F. Upson & Son, an independent family run business established 1870, boasting over 150 years of genuine experience in all aspects of funeral services.

We opened our funeral home in Enfield in 2014 with well planned promotional activities and received a resounding successful acceptance by the local community. Contemporary in approach, a large shop window with a spacious reception is dressed seasonally. At Easter, hundreds of fresh daffodils are on display with Easter eggs nestled in-between for the children. For Remembrance Day, thousands of red poppies are strewn across the reception floor honouring the immeasurable sacrifice of the Fallen. The chapel is modern, offers a peaceful and serene ambience for viewing and funeral services of all faiths, recently including Hindu and Buddhist.

Choosing the right funeral director

With so many funeral homes available in and around your area, it’s easy to get lost. Perhaps the most important step in selecting a funeral director is to check that they are a member of a recognised trade association where members are obliged to meet certain industry specific standards in order to maintain their badge of honour.

The two major trade bodies are:

The National Society of Allied and Independent Funeral Directors (SAIF); a trade association who are committed to ensuring the funeral profession maintains the highest of standards, with members subject to strict Quality Assurance Assessments and inspections every 2 years.

The National Association of Funeral Directors (NAFD); the NAFD Code guides the actions, behaviour and standards of NAFD members. It is designed to ensure those in funeral services act in the public interest and aspire to the highest professional standards.

Finest Funerals is a member of SAIF and works closely with F. Upson & Son who are members of the NAFD.

Our objectives
  • Provide families, relatives and friends with well-planned preparations in their time of need.
  • Provide beautiful, comfortable and peaceful surroundings where families can gather to honour and celebrate the life of a loved one.
  • Help families to preserve cultures, customs and long-standing traditions.
  • Offer an innovative and truly personalised service and products.
  • Assist families and individuals in the making and execution of pre-arrangement and pre-payment funeral plans.
  • Provide a fully bespoke and caring service to families wishing to repatriate their loved one to or from the United Kingdom.
  • Reach out and support charities and our local community with fundraising and community events.